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We will look for the 2 different sloth species in Costa Rica, the Two-toed sloth and the three toed sloth.


Besides going in search of the sloths, we will also find different species of toucans that lives in the Arenal area.

Blue jeans frog

We will look for this beautiful frog, one of the only two poison dart frogs living in the Arenal area.



Sometimes we will also find other animals such as monkeys, different species of birds, iguanas and more.

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About the Sloth tour
SLOTH TOUR Original by Callidryas Tours

We are the first who started this Sloth tour in the Arenal area, 2 years ago. And now the sweet smiling face of the Costa Rican Sloth is rapidly becoming the iconic symbol of our country's amazing rainforest wildlife. Arenal area is well known for its diverse wildlife, and as well as the 2 different Sloth species: two- toed sloth and three-toed sloth. Another most wanted species seek for their colors, unique features and history are the multicolored toucan and the blue jeans dart frog. On the search for these three beautiful animals, our knowledgeable guide will drive your clients around La Fortuna's beautiful spotting areas for more wildlife . Birds, iguanas and monkeys are among the animals that we might encounter. Breakfast and snacks are arranged according to the customers best interest. This experience is 100% guaranteed and Yes! all the animals that we will find are in their natural habitat. We highly respect Nature.

  • Yes: 100% Guaranteed, if we do not find lazy we return your money.

  • Yes: all the animals that we will find are in their natural habitat.

  • we have 2 different species: two-toed sloth and three-toed sloth.

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